New Zealand-based miniature apple company draws on stories of courage and bravery in latest brand campaign

Ready. Set. Rockit - Ramp

Wheelchair athlete Pieta Bouma is one of the faces of the campiagn 

Rockit Global has launched a new brand campaign harnessing “the spirit of bravery”.

Framed under the tagline ‘Ready. Set. Rockit’, the campaign features a range of relatable individuals, from artists and fitness instructors to musicians and aspiring athletes.

Rockit Global chief executive Mark O’Donnell said the campaign aims to inspire Rockit apple consumers to get more out of life.

“We love the idea that any challenge – no matter how daunting – can be overcome by taking it just one small bite at a time,” said O’Donnell. “The innovative campaign imagery showcases occasions where a little bit of bravery takes us into territory we’ve never known before – and we can overcome our fear, seize the moment, and really rock it.”

Wheelchair athlete Pieta Bouma is one of the faces of the campaign. Bouma, a multi-sport athlete currently training for a triathlon, said it was an honour to be part of the campaign.

“It’s so easy to hold back and listen to your doubts but ‘Ready. Set. Rockit’ is about pushing through that fear and getting the most out of life,” Bouma explained.

“The campaign was important to me because it represents the disabled community in a celebratory way. It shows my wheelchair as a tool that enables fun and enjoyment rather than a burden or a pity. I think it’s so important that disabled joy is seen and that we are represented positively.”

Rockit Global’s general manager global marketing, Julian Smith, said Rockit and creative agency Special consciously chose human-centred stories that would resonate with Rockit consumers, no matter where they are in the world.

“These stories are genuine, and they’re universal,” Smith said. “We love that these are real people, facing real challenges, and doing it with bravery and heart – rocking it in their own environments, every day.

“We’re really proud of the depth of this campaign.”

The campaign will be rolled out over the coming year through online, in-store and social channels.

Its launch comes as freshly harvested New Zealand-grown Rockit apples begin arriving at ports around the world.

With almost 20m Rockit apples either on the water or already on shelves across Asia and the Middle East, the ‘Ready. Set. Rockit’ brand campaign takes centre stage from this month forward, with another 80m apples still to ship this season.

“The way we approach our branding might be a little different from the way ordinary commodity apple businesses do it, but that’s the point,” said Smith.

“We’re a brand that thinks and acts differently, we innovate, we’re brimming with energy, and we want to showcase all those values in our imagery and storytelling.”