T&G Poppi

T&G Global has officially launched its newest apple variety. Branded as Poppi, it will be one of the first New Zealand apples of the 2021 season to arrive in key Asian markets.

Poppi is thin skin variety, with a crisp sweet flavour and a sweet flavoured and rich red colour. It’s the first variety to ripen on Hawke’s Bay trees, enabling an early entry of New Zealand apples in highly competitive Asian markets.

“The Poppi brand name was developed as a nod to the distinctive red colour of the apple,” said Rachel Stotter, T&G Global’s Director International Sales. “This early season apple will appeal to consumers who prefer sweeter tasting, radiant red apples.”

Stotter explained Poppi apples have been grown in small volumes at T&G’s orchards and Apatu Farms in the Hawke’s Bay as a trial to fill a gap in the market.

“We know Asian consumers love our apples, and because Poppi apples ripen early, we saw a strategic opportunity to extend the season for New Zealand export apples by launching a new brand and getting it quickly into our key high-growth Asian markets.”

Currently, the apple is grown in the Hawke’s Bay in early micro-climate orchard blocks, utilising new growing structures and trees to open and maximise light for early harvesting. Gisborne has young plantings of the brand for future supply.

The first Poppi apples are being picked and packed with the first container heading to China on the NYK Furano (11 February) from Napier Port.

“We’ll continue to pick over the coming weeks, exporting approximately 20,000 cartons (1.6m apples) in total as part of the trial, with the majority going to China,” said Stotter.

“T&G’s success as an exporter has been built through harnessing Kiwi IP and growing great brands, based on robust consumer insights,” she said. “Behind our global programme of premium export apples is a story of innovation – and this latest apple brand is no different.”

T&G’s strong in-market presence has brought nutritious premium fruit, including the internationally popular Jazz and Envy to more than 60 markets globally.

“We’ve earned credibility with our premium apples in global markets which paves the way for our pipeline of new brands and varieties.”