Suri Agro Fresh’s fresh cut fruit and vegetable brand expands during pandemic

Suri Agro Fresh’s fresh cut fruit and vegetable brand Urban Harvest has captured the attention of Indian consumers, experiencing consistent growth since its launch.

The brand emerged in December 2019 from Suri Agro Fresh’s OrganiCut Fruits and Veggies initiative – created by Sidhantt Suri and Aastik Aggarwal –with the aim of bringing the benefits of fresh and healthy produce to as many families as possible in the easiest manner.

The pair combined their expertise in the food production industry, the best technology and the freshest produce to create an efficient and sustainable model that delivers packs of fresh cut fruit to consumers’ doorsteps.

Urban Harvest products are available through more than a dozen major retail and foodservice customers including the likes of Swiggy, Zomato, Reliance and Amazon. Roopam Suri, communications manager of Suri Agro Fresh said the company now has more than 110 delivery points and provides more than 80 variants of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“The brand has surged in popularity in the last two years with Suri Agro Fresh increasing its output from 200-300 packs in a day we are now doing more than 9,000 packs in a day,” said Suri.

Suri said Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted some of the advantages of the fresh cut offering, namely increased shelf life and food safety. The company has invested in a state-of-the-art facility to thoroughly clean, peel and cut each item and implemented all COVID-safety practices.