Grab a boost of Blue mobile billboards deployed in Asian market to promote US blueberries

USHBC billboard in Vietnam

USHBC billboard in Vietnam

As part of USHBC’s Global Business Development Program, Grab a Boost of Blue mobile billboards have hit the busy streets of Vietnam to promote blueberries the expanding market.

Grab a Boost of Blue is the USHBC’s consumer marketing campaign which has been deployed domestically and internationally and is designed to inspire consumers to purchase blueberries with its call to action.

“These mobile billboards provide incredible visibility for our US logo at eye level on busy streets and ensure blueberry messaging is noticed and recalled by a wide audience – all in an extremely cost-effective campaign,” USHBC said in an update.

“Because these billboards are paired with GPS technology, we can plan and track where the ad goes, providing valuable insight that allows us to optimise our advertising efforts to make blueberries not just Vietnam’s favourite fruit, but the world’s.”