Association fears conflict in the region will disrupt Ecuadorean banana shipments to this important market

Richard Salazar

Richard Salazar

Ecuadorean banana association Acorbanec has warned that growing instability in the Middle East could threaten the country’s banana exports to the region.

The Middle East is the third biggest market for Ecuadorean bananas, accounting for almost 15 per cent of its total shipment volume last year. A war between Israel and the countries that make up this bloc could have worrying consequences for the banana sector.

“We view with great concern what is happening because it could affect our exports, especially in terms of logistics,” said Richard Salazar, executive director of Acorbanec.

“We heard last Friday of the capture of a cargo ship that was passing off the coast in the Persian Gulf. Ecuador exports a lot of bananas to Iraq, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, across that whole strip of the Persian Gulf.

“If a military conflict occurs, our exports to this destination could definitely be affected and we a very worried.”