One of the US’ leading avocado brands is offering consumers the opportunity to win a house.

The grand prize in Avocados From Mexico’s (AFM) ‘Guac the House’ contest is a new home worthUS$500,000. Shoppers will also share inUS$150,000of other prizes, including a kitchen makeover, home entertainment packages and household appliances.

The contest is part of AFM’s new shopper programme, aimed at delivering added value to consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a further bid to drive demand, AFM has developed a volume incentive programme, in which retail account holders can earn up toUS$15,000 for displaying branded fruit in their stores.

“AFM's 'Guac the House' national shopper programme has been designed to provide the shopper with value during the current environment,” said Stephanie Bazan, vice president of trade and market development for Avocados From Mexico.

“This is why offering savings and prizes that add value continue to be critical during a Covid-conscious time. It is key that AFM drive engagement andincremental purchase during the key October, November and December time period, given that in-home consumption will continue to be very strong.”

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, AFM is also honouring its origins through a partnership with Takis Snacks. The pair have designed custom displays featuring both brands.

This iteration of AFM's ‘Flavor with Heritage’ campaign will be implemented in grocery stores to attract what the company describes as “crossover shopper appeal”. Bazan said digital and social media support will boost the programme.

“We're proud to celebrate the many flavors of Hispanic heritage in partnership with Takis Snacks, which, like AFM, has strong appeal to the Hispanic market and beyond,” said Bazan.

“Our digital and social media activations, in-store merchandising, coupons, and sweepstakes to win a free year's supply of Avocados From Mexico are a fantastic way to spice up sales during Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrate National Guacamole Day on16 September.”

AFM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA).