Peruvian mangoes

The Association of Agricultural Producing Guilds of Peru (Agap), assures that its member companies will continued operations during the quarantine to keep the internal and export markets supplied, according to a report in Fresh News.

On Sunday the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency in the country, closing its borders for a period of 15 days to combat the spread of coronavirus.

The measures restrict free movement within the country, and force the closure of shops and companies, with the exception of banks, pharmacies and stores that sell basic necessities.

After the decree, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation called on producers, entrepreneurs and workers in the agricultural sector to implement exceptional measures in order to guarantee the supply of food products.

Agap said its member companies continued to operate with the essential personnel to safeguard production, processing plants, transportation, commercialisation and other supplies and services essential for the agricultural supply chain to continue serving its different markets.

The association added that all activities are being carried out with the proper prevention, hygiene and safety measures for workers as was in continual coordination with the authorities.

“The unions and companies associated with AGAP are committed to the country and all Peruvians in these difficult times we are facing,” AGAP said in a statement released on Monday.

Hours before, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) reported that despite the State of Emergency, it would permit a minimum number of workers to carry out activities required for the production and export of agricultural products.

Meanwhile, Colombia’s president Iván Duque also announced on Monday that it the country was closing its land and water borders to fight the spread of the disease, but that the flow of goods and cargo would continue.