Agrolemo Persian limes

Dominican Republic grower co-operative, Centro de Agronegocios Esmeralda (Agrolemo), is planning to launch exports to the US market by next summer.

“Compared with 2011 we have 35 per cent more volume in 2012, we are increasing our production, as well as our exports,” general manager Domingo Lebron told Americafruit.

In 2012, Agrolemo plans to produce 2,300 tonnes of Persian limes as well as 1,800 tonnes of organic Persian limes.

Apples, ginger, passion fruit and MD2 pineapples account for the remainder of the group’s exports.

According to Lebron, Agrolemo is now looking to attract investment due to its proximity to sea ports and its location in Monte Plata in the north-east of the Dominican Republic, which is known for its excellent weather conditions.

Currently the co-op comprises 150 growers but the plan is to gather over 2,000 small to medium-sized growers in the next four years.

“Our goal is to reduce poverty in Monte Plata and increase our exports,” Lebron explained.

The full report is published in Americafruit’s June/July issue.

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