Alanar figs

Alanar is the largest fig exporter in Turkey, sending its popular Black Bursa around the world from Europe to Asia, and Canada to Africa, according to deputy sales and marketing coordinator Yiğit Gökyiğit. This season, he said, the company expects sales to increase both domestically and on its export markets.

'We expect to produce more than 2,000 tonnes this year,' he revealed. 'Due to Covid-19, we thought demand might lessen compared with last year, but it is even higher. Germany will be the main market for us again. We will also be exporting our figs to East Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. We are also seeing increasing demand from various countries such as the UK, France, Canada and the UAE.'

Alanar has been the leading fig exporter in the country ever since it was acquired in early 2018 by Tekfen Holding, one of the largest conglomerates in the country, active primarily in contracting, agriculture and real estate development. Following the acquisition, Tekfen set about making huge investments in orchards, facilities and technology.

For its fig operation, Alanar has just moved to a new facility in İznik, in the Bursa region, according to Gökyiğit. 'We have invested in the most advanced fig sorting machine, made in France,' he said. 'The machinery was installed in our new facility, ready to be used for this year's fig season. Alanar's aim is to ensure the highest quality standards for its figs and provide the best possible service.'