Apeel mandarins

Following regulatory approval from the EU Commission in June, Apeel has revealed that it is now running a limited-time test of its plant-derived solution for mandarins, supplied by La Calera Peru, with retailers including Asda and corresponding import partners such as IPL.

This test with UK-based retailers further signals plans for Apeel-coated produce to arrive at European supermarkets later this year.

“We’re always looking at how we can reduce food waste right the way through our supply chain and into our customers’ homes,” explained Nasir Ahmed, produce technical manager at Asda. 'Increasing shelf life means our customers can enjoy fresher produce for longer, so we’re really excited about the potential of Apeel and I’m delighted Asda is a part of this trial.”

Apeel is a plant-derived, water-based coating that slows the rate of spoilage, and is composed of materials that exist in the peels, seeds, and pulp of all the fruits and vegetables we already eat.

Applying Apeel can double to triple the shelf life of many types of fresh produce, which reduces food waste from farm to retail shelf to consumers at home.

“As a true innovator and sustainability leader, Asda is our first UK retail partner to demonstrate its commitment to fighting the global food waste crisis, starting with Apeel mandarins that stay fresh much longer,” said Gordon Robertson, chief revenue officer at Apeel Sciences. “This commercial test will be the next step in validating Apeel’s ability to make an impact on reducing food waste in stores and for consumers, with the goal of Apeel produce arriving on shelves at Asda and other retailers across Europe.'

Alex Gallagher, general manager at La Calera Peru, added: “Entrepreneurs and scientists move our industry forward, and we’re proud partners of this pioneering project with Apeel. La Calera is the leading citrus grower in Peru and has always been at the forefront of innovation, the first with new varieties, and willing to trial new ideas in packaging, agronomy, machinery, and logistics. So for us, it was an easy decision to work together on a product that could dramatically change the future of many fresh items including mandarins.'

Click here to see a time lapse video of Apeel in action, and how it preserves different fresh produce items.

There is an exclusive interview with Apeel founder James Rogers in this years Fresh Focus Technology 2020 supplement, which is available now.