BelOrta's Kitchen

BelOrta this week launched its online platform, De Keuken van BelOrta (BelOrta’s Kitchen), through which the Belgian cooperative will seek to inspire, entertain and inform consumers with recipe videos, food hacks, games and promotions.

According to the cooperative, the current lockdown period has led to many Belgian consumers rediscovering the joys of the kitchen, with homegrown products increasingly taking centre stage.

“BelOrta unites both trends in the brand-new platform, De Keuken van BelOrta,” the cooperative stated. “Everyone is welcome in the BelOrta kitchen. Come and take a look inside our kitchen cabinets, pots and pans and discover amazingly fun food hacks, original recipe ideas, the most inspired creations of our homegrown BelOrta chefs, our latest promotions and so much more.”

BelOrta is also encouraging visitors to the platform to get in touch to have a chance of sharing their own creations. “Have you also discovered your inner kitchen prince(ss) in recent months?” the cooperative asked. “Then we would like to welcome you to our team of BelOrta chefs. Share your tastiest and most enjoyable creations and who knows, we may soon share your culinary masterpieces with the rest of Belgium.”