FR Benoit Juster, Rungis

Benoît Juster

Benoît Juster, executive director of international market operations at Rungis International Market in Paris, has been appointed as director of the planning mission for the Agoralim project within Semmaris, the management company behind the wholesale market.

His mission will reportedly be to supervise the development of the multi-site project, which was announced in May during the presentation of the Val-d'Oise Plan by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

The project will cover the entire food value chain, from agricultural production todistribution, including processing. It will include a site dedicated to agricultural production, based on the principles of agroecology, installed on the Triangle de Gonesse, as well as one or more distribution platforms located nearby.

“Since his arrival at Semmaris, Benoît Juster has been able to provide the market with the benefit of his expertise in the areas of ​​land use planning, in issues of governance, institutional organisation and partnership building, as well as in project planning and management, transport policy, town planning and real estate,' said Stéphane Layani, president of Rungis International Market. 'Benoît Juster has all my confidence in carrying out the Agoralim project, which is a response to the food challenges of Ile-de-France for the years to come.'

Juster began his career as a Transport and Infrastructure Engineer, firstin France, then in Egypt. He then headed a team looking after projects inplanning, mobility and environment at Beture Conseil in Lille, before becoming deputy managing director of ISIS. In 2010, he became CEO of EGIS Conseil, joining Rungis International Market in 2017.