Biobest picks up remaining shares from Antilsan but will continue to collaborate commercially with long-standing partner

Biobest Antalya

Biobest Group and Antilsan have announced the acquisition by Biobest Group of Antilsan’s remaining 40 per cent share in Biobest Antalya.

According to the groups, the transaction allows both Biobest Group and Antilsan to strengthen their respective businesses.

Biobest Antalya, a Turkish bumblebee pollination and biological control company, will “further capitalise on Turkey’s excellent prospects as a leading horticultural producer”, while Antilsan will focus on business opportunities in fertilisers, biostimulants and distribution of agrochemical products.

The long-standing partnership between Biobest and Antilsan started as a production joint venture in 1998 and evolved into a fully-fledged production and distribution company in 2014.

Antilsan and Biobest will continue to collaborate commercially while being fully independent in terms of shareholding.

“We are grateful to our partners from Antilsan and wish to thank them for the excellent collaboration during more than 25 years,” said Marc Mertens, senior vice-president Biobest. ”Together we were able to make Biobest Antalya Turkey’s leading player in biological control and bumblebee pollination.

”My appreciation also goes to the Biobest Antalya management team,” he noted. ”Year upon year, in a challenging economic and monetary context, they have demonstrated their ability to grow the business and to be the reference for Turkish growers looking for quality products and sound technical advice.

”We are excited to be able to further build on this promising position to serve Turkish growers as they rise to the challenges of a more sustainable production for both the domestic and export markets. I also look forward to continue our commercial cooperation with Antilsan.”

“The collaboration with Biobest has been a great experience, beneficial to both partners and to Turkish growers gaining access to leading technology and expertise,” said said Ulaş Yildirim, general manager Antilsan. “We take pride in what we achieved together.

“Given the solid prospects for Turkish horticulture, Antilsan’s business in fertilisers, biostimulants and pesticides has tremendous potential and this transaction allows us to accelerate our investment plans. Our investments will cover R&D, proprietary product development and enhanced commercial presence nationwide.”