Move follows departure of Kenneth Avery after six months in the post

Josep Estiarte

Josep Estiarte

Bloom Fresh said Avery’s dedication to the company and his goal to increase grape consumption worldwide has had a positive impact, and those goals are now at the forefront of the company’s mission.

“Under Estiarte’s leadership, the company will continue to lean into innovation, utilising natural and non-GMO new breeding practices for a healthier, tastier, and sustainable future. Additionally, Estiarte will prioritise advancing Bloom’s objective to create exceptional value for its licensed growers, marketers, and employees worldwide,” the company said.

Estiarte has been at the forefront of fruit breeding for over 20 years. He first joined the Muñoz Group in 2002 as a technologist in the table grape sector monitoring programmes for UK retailers. In 2007, he was the first employee of the SNFL Group and later was appointed managing director, where he helped the company develop its breeding programmes and international business expansion.

AM Fresh Group CEO Alvaro Muñoz commented: “We are delighted to have Josep at the helm of Bloom Fresh as he has been instrumental in understanding the growers’ challenges, identifying the market’s potential and meeting consumer’s expectations, to provide the world with some of the most popular, healthy, and delicious table grapes”.

Estiarte said: “I am very excited to continue supporting Bloom Fresh’s commitment to sustainable fruit breeding. The possibilities are limitless as we have a vast portfolio of varietals as well as a genetic powerhouse, setting the stage for the creation of flavourful, high-antioxidant, and nature-positive varieties.

“Bloom Fresh’s commitment to innovation will continue to positively impact our licensed growers, retailers, and consumers, making the industry being more sustainable, innovative and consumer-oriented each day, through superior genetics and quality assurance for a better eating experience, amongst others.

“I am grateful for all the conversations with Bloom licensees, which allows us to envision a thriving future.”