Bollo melons

Bollo continues to break new ground in Asia. Last month, the group’s Brazilian subsidiary, Bollo Brasil, carried out the inaugural shipment of Brazilian-grown melons to China following the signing of the import protocol at the end of last year.

The arrival of the 3.5-tonne consignment of Piel de Sapo melons at Shanghai Airport on 15 September also represented the first-ever commercial shipment of any Brazilian-grown fruit and vegetables to the Chinese market.

According to managing director Juan Puchades, the fruit has been very well received on the market.

“Proof of this is that from the first load we have maintained regular shipments,” he told Fruitnet. “Today we’re exporting melons to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as China.”

Now in its 15th year, Bollo Brasil is the biggest exporter of Piel de Sapo melons in Brazil and the group is the largest marketer of this variety worldwide.

Recognition of the Bollo brand has been growing steadily in China, where the company has become a leading supplier of Spanish-grown oranges and mandarins in recent years.

“Together with our Chinese partners, we have positioned our melons in several of the best supermarkets in the country,” Puchades said.
“At Bollo we’re continuously working on research and development to improve our offer and production processes and we hope to announce several new exciting projects shortly. The goal is to never stop surprising our clients!”

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