Camposol Anecoop

Juan Safont (l) and Francisco Giménez shake on their agreement

Almeria co-operative Camposol is incorporating its business management activities into co-operatives group and exporter Anecoop, leading to full integration by 2016.

Camposol is one of three co-ops in Almeria that make up a fresh produce platform, Plataforma de Hortalizas, set up in 2009 with Coprohnijar and Hortamar to concentrate supplies and marketing from the region.

This latest agreement, signed by the presidents of both organsiations, brings Campsol – which has been an Anecoop member since 1995 - closer into the Anecoop fold.

The integration will be gradual over the next three years. Anecoop president Juan Safont explained: “This is a step that will undoubtedly benefit both parties. It will allow us to be more competitive at business management level and also in the marketplace by expanding our offer from Almeria, an offer which is already very well regarded in Europe as being of excellent quality.”

Camposol president Francisco Giménez Giménez added: “Signing this agreement proves the level of commitment between Camposol and Anecoop, fulfilling our desire to speed towards complete integration.”

In order for this to be achieved within the three-year time frame, Anecoop will transfer one of its quality-control staff and one of its production technicians to take up permanent posts at Camposol and advise the co-op on the most suitable varieties to grow.

Meanwhile, a member of Camposol’s commercial team will join up with the Anecoop team on a permanent basis. The agreement will also enhance marketing programmes and the future joint-planning of campaigns as well as the standardisation of quality and operating systems.

The agreement is in line with Anecoop’s strategy, agreed by the Anecoop business group 11 years ago, to create an organisation that is capable of functioning as a single commercial entity in terms of its management, while maintaining the independence of its members.

There are 13 different co-ops in Anecoop’s business group and they represented some 24.5 per cent of total volumes marketed during the 2011-12 campaign.