Canavese citrus

French producer Canavese is continuing to develop its citrus production in Africa, not least in Morocco, a country whose government recently announced that it was pushing ahead with the second privatisation of its arable lands, which are currently managed by state-owned firm Sodea-Sogeta.

The CABC Group (Compagnie Agricole Belhaj – Canavese) has been selected for a farm in the region of Berkane, in the north-east of Morocco, which will add approximately 250ha of citrus plantations to the group’s regional production and increase its Moroccan growing area by 50 per cent.

According to Canavese, some improvements will need to be made in order to ensure that future production conforms to European quality requirements. However, the company’s Christian Métadier reveals, this increase in production area will enable Canavese to elevate its European citrus sales to 20,000 tonnes per year within five years.

More importantly, according to Mr Métadier, the group envisages the future construction of its own packing facility in close proximity to its orchards, which he says will enhance the company’s control over its operations and the costs involved, whilst increasing the firm’s commercial flexibility.