Carton Pack CartonPET trays

Italian group Carton Pack is offering what is has called a “new frontier” in thermoformed packaging for fruit, vegetables and fresh-cut produce.

The group’s CartonPET tray is light, durable and offers green benefits, being made of 80 per cent recycled material that means a low environmental impact, Carton Pack explained.

The structure of the container reaches lower weights than normal PET – up to 50 per cent less – while retaining the functional and mechanical characteristics of packaging using regular PET.

“It has an outstanding appeal similar to eco-friendly containers made of paper of cardboard,” the group noted. “The bubbles in the material’s core enhance the cardboard-like colour; furthermore, it has a crisp backdrop and a remarkably smooth surface for vivid graphic reproduction.

“By utilising an innovative and environmentally friendly new technology, the plastic expands by very precisely distributing billions of microscopic bubbles beneath the solid layers of skin,” the group continued. “This engineered microstructure gives the CartonPET tray its groundbreaking lightweight and superlative thermal insulating properties.”

Carton Pack was present at the recent tenth edition of the Fresh Market Conference in Warsaw, Poland, where it was an event sponsor and was visited by several trading companies, growers and packers.

In addition, the company will be showcasing its CartonPET range and other products at the upcoming Fruitnet Forum South East Europe, which takes place on 21-22 November in Belgrade, with Carton Pack one of the sponsors of the event.