Chiquita banana half marathon record Melvin Nyairo

Chiquita has helped track and field coach Melvin Nyairo to achieve his dream of breaking a Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon dressed as a fruit.

According to the banana giant, Nyairo's ambition 'fitted well with Chiquita’s mission to highlight that fitness and a healthy lifestyle can be fun'.

After gaining attention for running a half marathon in California dressed as a banana, Chiquita decided to help Nyairo by providing him with a new banana suit, training gear, bananas and a round trip ticket to Toronto.

On 20 October, Melvin’s dream became reality at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon, crossing the finishing line in a time of 1:15:35, breaking the previous record of 1:19:13.

To celebrate his marathon endeavour, Chiquita has offered Nyairo a year’s supply of bananas to help fuel his future training runs.

“Chiquita has always been committed to demonstrating the fun side of healthy snacking, and it doesn’t get more fun than running a race dressed as an iconic yellow banana,' said Jamie Postell, director of sales North America. 'We’re thrilled to help Melvin accomplish his dream and hope he enjoys snacking on our delicious bananas as he continues to train for upcoming races.”

Nyairo explained: “Growing up in Kenya, I have always loved bananas as they've helped fuel my training throughout the years. It was such a natural choice to run the marathon dressed as a Chiquita banana to break the record.

“Racing on behalf of a reputable brand such as Chiquita has been an honour, and breaking a world record will be an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life,' he added.