Westfalia Fruit Colombia becomes first company to send avocados to the Andean nation

Westfalia Fruit Colombia's packhouse in Sonson

Westfalia Fruit Colombia’s packhouse in Sonson

Chile has become the latest market to open for Colombian Hass avocados. Earlier this month, Westfalia Fruit Colombia sent a 23-tonne consignment of avocados grown on its La Cumbre farm in Sonsón, Antioquia to Chile.

Deyanira Barrero León, general manager of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), hailed the opening of the Chilean market as “another great success resulting from the teamwork between the ICA and producers and agricultural unions”.

According to Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, six farms in Antioquia and ten packing plants in Risaralda, Quindío, Antioquia and Valle del Cauca have been authorised to grow and pack Hass avocados for the Chilean market.

At around 3kg, Chile has one of the highest per capita avocado consumption rates in the world.

Figures from Trade Map show that Chile imported almost US$126m-worth of avocados in 2021.

Colombian exports of Hass avocado totalled US$109.6m between January and June of this year.