Jan-Willem Schrijver of Coldcha calls on the fresh produce industry to revolutionise its product logistics and shed light on the transformative power of Coldcha 2.0

Every day, we provide growers, importers, and exporters in the fruit and vegetable logistics chain with crucial logistic insights. Our aim is to assist them in minimising claims, ensuring the delivery of top-quality goods, and preventing losses.

Jan-Willem Schrijver Coldcha

Jan-Willem Schrijver

To achieve this, we’ve partnered with leading international real-time tracker manufacturers like Sensitech, Tive, DeltaTrak, Copeland, Frigga, and more. This, coupled with airfreight and vessel tracking, enhances the overall efficiency of the process.

At Coldcha, our commitment to technological advancement is evident in our strategic integration of machine learning in Coldcha 1, where we successfully labelled extensive datasets to mitigate errors. Building on this foundation, Coldcha 2.0 represents a further expansion of our technological capabilities.

Currently, we are actively training an AI model designed to enhance predictability for our customers by leveraging their data. This forward-looking approach allows us to anticipate trip outcomes more accurately and identify potential issues with increased efficiency, requiring less data than previous methodologies.

The market for our products is experiencing robust growth, primarily driven by an influx of new users adopting real-time tracking technology over traditional logger methods for more efficient and accurate monitoring.

Coldcha aims to reduce food waste through real-time monitoring, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption. By employing efficient monitoring systems, Coldcha also contributes to lowering emissions, supporting the Climate Action goals.

Since 2016, Coldcha has been an important independent IT company with a strong focus on customers in the fruit and vegetable sector in the Netherlands. With the development of our new Coldcha 2.0 platform we are now ready for international expansion. That is why we want to offer growers, importers and exporters of fruit and vegetables a free 30-day trial at Fruit Logistica.