Leading Moroccan exporter Kacem Bennani Smires succeeds Moulay M’Hamed Loultiti of Copag as president of interprofessional body

Kacem Bennani Smires Delassus Maroc Citrus

Kacem Bennani Smires, Delassus

Kacem Bennani Smires, head of producer-exporter Delassus, has been appointed as the new president of Maroc Citrus, Morocco’s interprofessional citrus federation.

He succeeds Moulay M’Hamed Loultiti, president of the Copag cooperative, who has been closely involved with the association since it was created in 2009.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Delassus said: “Thank you to Mr Loultiti for all the accomplishments he has led since the creation of Maroc Citrus in 2009. And good luck to Mr Kacem Bennani Smires who has agreed to take up the multiple challenges that the sector is experiencing. He will be able to show perseverance and courage.”

Moulay M’Hamed Loultiti Copag

Moulay M’Hamed Loultiti, Copag

Maroc Citrus brings together five different Moroccan citrus industry bodies, namely Amapac (plant producers), Aspam (producers), Ascam (packers), Amitag (processing industries), and CitrusExport (exporters).

Delassus is a major supplier of fresh citrus, snack tomatoes, grapes and avocados. It manages around 2,500ha of its own citrus production and exports up to 40,000 tonnes of citrus per year from its packhouse facility.