Dole FreshTakes RTE Salad Bowl US

Dole Food Company has said that it is taking its popular line of ready-to-eat (RTE) salad bowls national by launching Dole FreshTakes Salad Bowls in supermarkets throughout the west, following a successful debut in the eastern US in 2019.

Starting today (19 May), retail and produce managers from coast-to-coast can order six single-serve, RTE salad bowls featuring clean-label ingredients, Dole’s signature dressings and toppings 'to deliver a better eating experience than current RTE offerings'.

To appeal to a spectrum of salad lovers, Dole said that it is offering four flavour varieties with meat protein and two varieties without – the same recipes that have performed well in the east.

“The ready-to-eat salad market is expanding as Americans increasingly want a fresh salad experience that is flavourful and convenient, and delivers a satisfying meal,” said Lisa Overman, Dole’s director of brand marketing for North America. “Already the country’s most recognised name in packaged salads and salad kits, Dole is also the country’s most recognised brand in RTE salads nationally.”

According to Overman, the FreshTakes line was developed and timed specifically by Dole’s product innovation team to offer salad users distinct, discernable advantages over existing RTE salad bowls on the market.

“While Dole may not be the first to offer ready-to-eat salads, our intention is always to provide salad lovers with a full-flavoured salad that delivers quality ingredients and differences they can see, taste and appreciate,” she said. “For FreshTakes, this means a shortlist of clean-label ingredients you can pronounce without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It also means flavourful, white-meat chicken, plus Dole’s toppings and signature dressings to create a balance of flavours and textures that deliver truly ‘craveable’ salads.”

Beyond the six single-serve core salad bowls, Dole announced plans to extend the national FreshTakes line later this year with the introduction of new flavours that bring even more variety to the category.