Andreas Schindler Don Limon

Don Limón is launching a recruitment campaign as its global network continues to expand.

In a press release, the Hamburg-based company said it was looking for local produce industry experts or successful traders to join its culturally diverse team and develop small, commercial fruit sourcing and distribution offices worldwide.

“Our business model is to create business models, and we wish to evolve the Don Limón platform,” said co-founder and CEO Andreas Schindler.

“We are looking for exciting new talent with whom we can build a relationship of trust and respect to establish more business units worldwide. We can provide a platform for financing, administration and risk management, plus we are able to pass on valuable knowledge and experience to our employees.”

Schindler continued: “The fruit business is a people business. We want to meet interesting, passionate, intelligent, and committed people with an entrepreneurial spirit from all areas of the produce industry who are intrigued by our business model, and can bring a different perspective to the table.

“Anyone who would like to partner with Don Limón, run their own office, or join our existing team, please call me to discuss! I would love to hear your ideas.”

In keeping with its motto, ‘Think Global, Act Local’, the group operates multiple business units worldwide, each run by three to four native speakers with local market knowledge. Each unit independently manages specific products or regions, allowing it to react quickly to changing circumstances.

“Business is like the climate; the system is always changing. It’s important to adopt new management strategies to strengthen your corporate ecosystem where employees can grow. Managing complexity and unpredicted shocks is crucial for success,” Schindler continued.

“After experiencing 20 per cent growth year-on-year since 2007, I’m not afraid to admit that in 2018/19 we had a difficult year when our business retracted. We realised the vulnerabilities of our system, and took the opportunity to fine tune our set-up. I am delighted to reveal that our growth is now accelerating again as a result. Life is a learning curve!”

Originally an importer of limes, Don Limón has expanded its international sourcing and distribution platform over the last 13 years and today specialises in citrus, table grapes and sweet potatoes, with offices in the US, Guatemala, India and South Africa, and plans to open new offices in Egypt and China.

“Our next office could be in the UK, France, Poland, Lithuania or even Brazil – we are wide open to suggestions,” Schindler said.