Duda Chilean clementines

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has launched its 18th consecutive import citrus programme and, through October, it will import citrus to the US from the Southern Hemisphere with 'guaranteed optimal quality, flavour and volume'.

The group's line of imported citrus, sold under the Dandy label, includes clementines, lemons, navels, and Cara Cara oranges.

“Through the years, we’ve maintained relationships with trusted growers in the Southern Hemisphere to ensure quality fruit each summer,” said Alberto Cuellar, vice-president of global business at Duda Farm Fresh Foods. “As we’ve seen an uptick in citrus demand due to Covid-19, we are continuing to meet consumer needs through our import citrus programme as the domestic market comes to an end.”

In addition to ongoing marketing efforts through social media, consumer emails, influencers and public relations, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is aiming to inspire consumers with recipe content to increase citrus sales during the summer months.

This year, the group also launched an inaugural summer promotion to help drive foot traffic into stores as the weather heats up.

“At Duda Farm Fresh Foods, we are constantly improving our available citrus varieties to provide quality fruit from our growers in Chile, Peru and Uruguay,” said Mark Bassetti, senior vice-president of Duda Farm Fresh Foods. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring premium citrus to consumers during domestic off months, allowing them to enjoy the refreshing fruit year-round.”