In October 2016, agro-industrial holding “Eco-Culture”, based in Russia’s Stavropol region, will harvest the first tomatoes from its 20ha winter-cycle greenhouses, which utilise a smart assimilation system.

In order to optimise both quality and yield, “Eco-Culture” opted for a complete grow-light solution. In close consultation with grow-light specialist Hortilux, the company chose a complete 1,000-Watt grow-light installation with “HSE NXT II fixtures”. The installation of the fixtures is due to start in July, with the first tomatoes being harvested in October.

Shareholder Alexander Rudakov commented: “This grow-light installation, with the right combination of fixtures and reflectors, is perfect for our crop. Thanks to its clever reflector design the “HSE NXT II” provides a very high light output that also ensures deep light penetration into the crop. This means that we can achieve a high light level and a better yield per square metre with fewer fixtures. As well as supplying the equipment, Hortilux handles the complete installation, which takes everything off our hands. At Hortilux the customers and crop take centre stage. I have a good feeling about this venture”.

Orchan Koelijev, account manager for Russia, added: “For large-scale companies such as AIH “Eco-Culture”, our customer specific solutions – in which yield is the starting point – are very important. And thanks to our local presence in the Russian market we can provide the service these customers demand.”