Moroccan imports

New Eurostat figures have outlined strong growth in fresh fruit and vegetable exports from Morocco to European Union member nations, a fact that Spanish association Fepex has highlighted.

During September and October 2014, Moroccan shipments of fresh produce to the EU grew in volume terms by 56 per cent and 49 per cent respectively when compared with the previous year, to 11,036 tonnes and 40,164 tonnes.

According to Eurostat, growth occurred in a wide range of fresh categories, including tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine, citrus, melons and berries.

For the January to October period of 2014, meanwhile, exports grew 15 per cent in volumes when compared with 2013, up to 774,929 tonnes, and 18 per cent in value to€813m.

Fepex noted that the growth in Morocco's exports was down to the country's prioritisation of its agricultural policy, coupled with concessions granted to the nation by the EU.