CN US Gala Apples from Domex in Shanghai China

Leading Chinese importer Lantao has worked alongside US-based Domex Supafresh Growers to bring in the first shipment of US Gala apples to China.

The Washington state grower-packer was the first to make the most of new import protocols that allowed all US-grown apples into China as of 26 January, whereas previously only Washington State Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples were allowed in.

Arriving in Shanghai on 25 August, the apples will be distributed from Lantao’s Shanghai headquartered to markets across China.

“The Lantao team is from mainland China, so we understand the consumer market in China better than anyone in the fruit import business.” said John Wang, CEO of Lantao. “Our capabilities allow us to reach the various marketing channels in China including e-commerce, supermarkets, fruit stands, push carts, farmer’s markets and small wet markets in all regions in China, not just the big-three cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.”

While shipments of US apples to China are still largely made up of Red Delicious apples, Domex sees potential in expanding its shipped varieties.

“As the largest supplier of Gala apples from the state of Washington, US, we are honoured and excited to have the opportunity to share our growers’ passion for nurturing and delivering safe, nutritious and consistently high-quality fruit,” Robert Kershaw, Domex Supafresh Growers president said. “The apples are grown in ideal conditions in our rich volcanic soils with an abundance of sunshine and sparkling clean water.”