Fruit Circle

Fruit Circle has appointing Valéry Bosch as project leader of new product development.

Founded in 2017 by Chilean fruit exporter Oscar Loyola, Fruit Circle collects and recycles plastic crates used to transport fruit to be made into new products. The company recycles 500 tonnes of plastic a year in different European countries.

“With Valéry on the team our goal is to introduce a new product every year made from the recycled trays,” said Loyola.

The project seeks to promote a circular economy by collecting the fruit crates and grinding them down to create a recyclable material that ends up being made into a new product after the end of its first life cycle.

“By recirculating and reusing these products we’re helping the environment by closing the loop of plastic usage in the fresh fruit industry and reducing the production of new plastics,” Loyola said.

Fruit Circle is located in Blue City, one of the first circular economy hubs in the Netherlands, built on the site of a former tropical swimming pool in Rotterdam.

“Our location provides fruitful ground for exchanging ideas and key knowledge regarding sustainability and circularity,” Loyola said.