Giumarra has added Mexican-grown fruit to its exclusive line of Mystic-branded premium grapes for the first time.

The programme also includes Peruvian and Chilean-grown red, green, and black seedless premium varieties. Promotable volumes of all three grape colours will be available from late May, the company said.

“We are evolving our Mystic line to offer customers the continuity of a high-quality, trusted brand identity for all grape seasons, and we are excited to add our flavourful Mexican fruit to the programme,” said Fernando Soberanes, director of Long Beach operations.

“Our goal is to deliver a superb eating experience to consumers throughout the season.”

The Mystic grape programme includes Mystic Treat red seedless grapes, Mystic Sweet green seedless grapes, and Mystic Pearl black seedless grapes. Each is available in 2lb, 3lb, and 4lb clamshells.

Earlier this year, the company changed its original 8/2lb case to a 10/2lb case, a move that met with great success from retail customers, according to Western Region business director Kellee Harris.

“We foresee clamshells of all sizes becoming increasingly important in the grape category given the current retail environment surrounding the Covid-19 crisis,” she said.

“Clamshell packaging connotes quality and because it is a sealed pack, dissuades shoppers from touching the fruit prior to purchase.

“Clamshells also work well when merchandised next to bagged grapes, providing consumers with more options to ensure grapes are in the shopping cart at checkout.”

Giumarra’s spring grapes are grown by Sonora, Mexico-based Videxport, Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.

“At a time when consumers are seeking to band together and make a difference, Fair Trade offers an opportunity to support our essential harvesters and packers in Mexico with a nominal product premium that is returned directly to a community development fund managed by farm workers,” said Harris.

Fair Trade-certified programmes are available on any of its grapes grown by Videxport.

The company’s Mexican grape season will extend through June, after which it will transition to California-grown fruit.