Greenyard USA Seald Sweet EcoBox grapes

The new EcoBox

Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet has announced the development of a sustainable alternative to replace plastic clamshell packaging for grapes, called the EcoBox.

According to the company, the EcoBox is a moisture resistant, sturdy, high-graphic box that is created with clay coated recyclable paperboard, reducing the use of plastic by 100 per cent.

The packaging solution ensures breathability of the product, while allowing consumers to see the quality of the fruit, the group added.

“We noticed the need to develop a new eco-friendly clamshell and took action proactively, we wanted to offer retailers an innovative packaging that was aligned to their sustainable goals,” said Rob Anderholt, grape commodity manager at Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet.

“We have tested the 1lb EcoBox this season on grapes and the results were very positive,' explained marketing coordinator Helena Fernandez Irastorza. 'We are looking forward to implementing this design for our next season and then extending it to other commodities.”

The company said that it made every effort to be aligned with consumer trends, retailers’ requests, and environmental needs, and would continue to design ‘eco-friendly’ packaging alternatives.

Testing is not only being done on grapes, with the group also looking at a more sustainable film, which reduces plastic for bagged citrus.

“We are looking to creating a healthier future for all of us, not only by sourcing high quality produce but also by creating a healthier environment,” added Mayda Sotomayor, CEO of Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet.