Hazel for Melon technology

Fresh produce shelf-life extension specialist Hazel Technologies has announced a partnership with Arizona-based Grower Alliance, one of largest importers of melons from Mexico into the US.

The partnership will focus on use of the Hazel for Melon packaging technology, a US Department of Agriculture-funded technology which works by reducing the respiration rate of melons following harvest, resulting in a longer shelf-life.

According to the group, the technology is designed for the fresh melon supply chain, with a single Hazel sachet placed in each box during the packing process, protecting melon quality during transit from the farm to retail shelves and eventually, to the end consumer.

'In our extensive testing, we found that the Hazel for melon technology resulted in a 45 per cent longer shelf life with our honeydew melons and a vastly improved eating experience 21 days after harvest,' said Luis Caballero, one of the managing members at Grower Alliance.

Caballero and Jorge Quintero Jr started Grower Alliance in 2007 along with Jorge Quintero Sr, and the business has grown to supply over 100 retailers and distributors and is one of the largest Mexican honeydew melon importers in the US.

“Melons were one of the first crops that we saw a huge potential in for Hazel’s technologies and they are still a major focus area for us,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO at Hazel Technologies. “We are thrilled to continue this partnership with Jorge Jr, Jorge Sr, Luis, and the Grower Alliance team and help them continue to provide the highest quality melons to retailers and consumers alike.'