Hazera mini watermelon

Hazera Company has highlighted its range of mini seedless watermelons, as it looks to tap into a North American trend for smaller, more convenient varieties of the fruit.

The seed specialist said that it had forecast this trend, with so-called 'personal watermelons' now accounting for about 15 per cent of the US watermelon market, with that percentage steadily increasing.

'Among the reasons for this impressive growth are consumer enjoyment of the truly delicious taste and convenience of the mini-watermelon, as well as the fact that American families are getting smaller,' Hazera explained. 'Recently, mini-watermelons have been capturing a market share away from the similar sized, regular melons.'

Hazera offers a range of mini watermelons for US consumers, including Lynx, Ocelot, Serval, Mielheart, Leopard, Extazy and Tigris, and is also planning to launch two new, as-yet unnamed varieties later in the year.

In addition, Hazera also offers seeds of mini-watermelon varieties that also serve as pollinators, Minipol and Polimor.

'The keys to Hazera's success in the US watermelon market are threefold: extensive experience and longstanding reputation for dependability and excellent customer relations, premium quality varieties and a truly professional team,' the group added. 'These are the pillars on which the 'The Winning Team' campaign was developed. The campaign includes advertising, sponsorship, sales promotions and online activities both in the US and Mexico.'