Recent seasons have been challenging for Turkish cherries, but favourable conditions this year are good news for both volumes and quality, says Ceyhun Gündüz of Alya Fruit

The cherry season in Turkey is looking good this year, according to Ceyhun Gündüz, general manager at exporter Alya Fruit, in contrast to the last three years, which have been impacted by challenging weather conditions.

Ceyhun Gündüz

Ceyhun Gündüz

“The season will arrive 15 days early, I think, just like in 2016,” said Gündüz. “Flowering and pollination are looking much more beautiful this year than in previous years.

“We foresee a season that will enable us to meet the demand in terms of volume. I think all the conditions are coming together on our side this season. I think it will be possible to keep up with supplies.”

High volumes volumes, of course, makes it easier to find the best quality for Alya Fruit’s customers, according to Gündüz.

“We hope that we will have a high-level season in terms of quality,” he said. “We should be able to be highly selective for quality. It is much easier to choose the right quality when the volume is large enough. And our company is best known for offering the right quality at the right price. And we predict that it will be like that this year.”