The final month of campaigns for In&Out, an Apo Conerpo project co-financed by the EC, involves several of Italy’s major retail chains


There’s only one month to go until the wrap-up of In&Out, Apo Conerpo’s three-year project for the enhancement of EU fruit and vegetables co-financed by the European Community.

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, 2,000 promotional days will take place throughout the month of August in large-scale supermarkets across Italy. These will be complemented by some initiatives (currently in planning) designed specifically for the Danish market, another target country in the project.

In and OUt promotional poster tomatoes

Promotional posters will appear in several supermarkets

“Over 140 stores are involved in this last stage of In&Out activities,” explained the president of Apo Conerpo, Davide Vernocchi, “for a total of about 2,000 promotional days. In such a complex scenario as the current one, with fruit and vegetables seriously affected by frosts, floods, hailstorms and tornadoes, it’s even more important to give a final boost to the activities that are part of a project that has reached millions of consumers over three years.”

He added: “This has enabled better promotion and enhancement of the whole world within European fruit and vegetables: a world made up of daily commitment, respect for the environment, conscious agriculture, the saving of natural resources, good agronomic practices, circular economy, safety and traceability.”

In Italy, three large retail chains are involved: consumers who access the 140 retail stores of the cooperatives of Coop Italia, Arena, and Despar can find corners with information materials about the project, nutritional specifications, and the sustainability of European fruit and vegetable.

They can also pick up the campaign’s iconic freebie, a nice eco-friendly cotton shopping bag, a perfect combination of that sustainability and care for the environment which In&Out promotes.