Abril Blue+ and Alessia Blue+ meet needs of Peruvian growers for robust, resilient, high-yielding and flavourful varieties

Peruvian breeder Inka’s Berries will add two new blueberry varieties to its growing portfolio this year. Abril Blue+ and Alessia Blue+ have been developed with genetics generated in Peru and with the support of Inka’s breeding partner, the University of Georgia, with whom it has a long history of study and genetic development for premium varieties that can develop with the best quality performance and consistency.

Inka's Berries

Both varieties will launch commercially this year

The two varieties launch at a key moment, with recent climatic challenges faced by Peruvian growers amplifying the search for robust, resistant varieties, with great productivity and excellent flavour.

According to Ricardo Sumar, manager of the genetics division of Inka’s Berries, both varieties have a post-harvest shelf-life of more than 70 days, large calibre (more than 70 per cent are bigger than 18mm), sweet flavour and a productivity of more than 4kg per plant.

With more than 15 years of experience, Inka’s Berries has laid the foundations for the growth and development of blueberries bred within Peru.

“After facing complex situations such as the El Niño Phenomenon, we have realised how important it is to change current genetics for those that are resilient to winter warming, tropical climates and any radical climate change,” said Carlos Gereda, executive president of Inka’s Berries.

“Today, the goal is to look for genetics that are ‘tropicalised’ and that have no problem producing under heat, with the aim of obtaining a product of excellent quality. Alessia Blue+ and Abril Blue+ arrive with the completeness and strength to face the new climate challenges that we are sure will be increasingly difficult.”

With more than 100ha planted with the two varieties, exports will commence shortly.