UNAPera PGI Williams retail promotion

Italian consortium UnaPera is pushing sales of PGI-certified pears from Emilia Romagna with a new commercial campaign to promote the variety Williams.

The promotion, which runs until the end of February and is backed by radio advertising, involves several major retailers and focuses on 800g cardboard six-packs of premium-quality fruit.

The fact that the campaign involves a guaranteed price is significant during what has been a difficult season for Italy’s pears producers.

Retailers are able to set their own prices, but these are based on an agreed, guaranteed list price paid to suppliers.

Pear production in the country is down considerably on recent years as growers continue to contend with problems associated with an infestation of brown marmorated stink bug.

And although supply does outstrip demand, opportunities to sell have been greatly limited by the lack of fruit and, in certain cases, sub-standard quality.

According to UnaPera president Adriano Aldrovandi, the aim is to offer the fruit the maximum possible coverage across Italy’s retail network, and to have a positive impact on consumption levels.

“The PGI is the common denominator that runs through the initiative,” he says. “For us, this is a strategic way to add value to the pears.”

Mauro Grossi, president of the Emilia Romagna PGI Pears Consortium, welcomes the chance to promote the region’s EU-certified production.

“It’s important to put the PGI centre stage again,” he says. “This certified, distinctive product, the pride of Emilia Romagna’s production, is back with full market coverage.“

Ferrara-based UnaPera was created in summer 2021 by 25 member companies, including 13 producer organisations and 12 other companies that together represent more than 70 per cent of pears sold in Italy, as well as over half its pear exports.

Additional reporting by Maicol Mercuriali, Italiafruit News