Vincent van Kuijen Jaguar

Vincent van Kuijen will join Jaguar from Hessing Supervers

Dutch group Jaguar The Fresh Company has announced that Vincent van Kuijen will join as its new managing director from the start of January 2022.

After a long career in the mainstream cheese sector, Van Kuijen has been commercial director of Dutch fresh produce supplier Hessing Supervers since the beginning of 2019.

Kees Rijnhout, group CEO of Jaguar, welcomed the appointment. “Vincent is a seasoned food specialist who has an innovative view of fresh produce,” he commented.

“Together with our existing management team, he will expand Jaguar's market position, mainly by intensifying relationships with our international retail customers.'

Van Kuijen said he wanted to use his experience to further improve Jaguar’s service provision with new ways of working.

“My expertise in translating and fulfilling the needs of retailers, coupled with Jaguar's excellent global network of fruit producers brings solid opportunities to create new models of collaboration,” he said.

“With the support of Jaguar’s excellent team, we will take our service delivery to the next level of excellence and build market share.”

Kees Rijnhout will remain actively involved as shareholder, and will focus on intensifying the group’s recently announced collaboration with Greenfood, which acquired a minority share in Jaguar at the end of August.