Kingston Sugar Pine pineapples

Idaho-based Kingston & Associates Marketing has announced in a press release a planned expansion of its Costa Rican MD2 golden variety pineapple programme with an estimated 30 per cent increase in volume compared with last season.

The growth of the so-called Kingston “Sugar Pine” deal is being driven by increased customer demand and expansion into new geographic areas of the US in recent months.

“For over twelve years, Kingston has solidified its position as a premier marketer of high quality Costa Rican pineapples in the United States,” explained Kingston's marketing president, Ken Nabal.

“Our strong focus on customer service, overall dependability, and long-standing grower relationships has allowed these programs to flourish.

“Recognition of Kingston’s “Sugar Pine” brand as the standard for quality in the industry is the driving motivation behind this expansion. Our team and our customers are excited!”

Kingston operates an entire division for pineapples, according to company owner and CEO, Dave Kingston, who claims the firm’s infrastructure, which spans Costa Rica and four regional offices in the US, keeps the group active in major regional ports and in close proximity to its customers.

While the pineapple deal remains the flagship import programme for the group, Kingston recently branched out into several other key globally-sourced products, such as, mangoes, papayas, asparagus and sweet onions, among others.

“Our strong presence both in the various growing regions and with the port terminals has been the gating item, allowing us to continue growing and open new distribution channels for sourcing other new products from Central and South America,” noted Mike Anderson, director of international procurement for Kingston.

“We have excellent relationships in these countries and our grower-partners are excited to work and expand with us here at Kingston.”

With the added expansion, Dave Kingston said the company will be better positioned to service its customers domestically and grow its collective businesses.

“The key, as usual, will be to continue our highest level of customer service and a relentless commitment to quality and food safety — that is the Kingston brand promise behind everything we do,” he stated.

Kingston is one of the largest distributors and marketers of fresh produce in the US, including fresh potatoes, onions, lettuce, broccoli and sweet pineapples, among others.

The company also operates a cross dock and cold storage subsidiary, which offers a state-of-the-art produce storage and shipping facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.