Kuehne and Nagel airfreight

Based in Germany, but with important bases for fresh produce imports and exports across North America, Kuehne & Nagel will be presenting its integrated service portfolio at the forthcoming PMA Fresh Summit.

“The meeting is an important opportunity for interaction with our current and potential customers because it gives a valuable chance to carefully listen to their specific needs,” says Dennis Verkooy, Kuehne & Nagel’s corporate head of airfreight perishables.
Verkooy says the US market is of substantial significance to the company, especially from Europe and South America where Kuehne & Nagel is shipping fruits, vegetables and flowers into the US.

Within its global perishables network, Kuehne & Nagel operates hubs in New York and the US East Coast, while Toronto and Vancouver are the company’s main hubs in Canada.

Although he believes currency exchange levels are influencing the development of both businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, Verkooy believes there are very few notable differences between the US and European markets.

Rather, he regards both as being very mature markets that demand high quality products, with customers in both markets requiring specialised solutions in terms of logistics.

“In general, both sides fill up gaps in order to guarantee customers high product standards all year round,” says Verkooy. “Especially in the fruit sector, both markets rely on each other.”

For US exporters into Europe, Verkooy believes there may be some opportunities opening up as American retailers expand their store networks into Europe.