Port of Wilmington

Maersk Line has announced in a press release the revision of its current South Atlantic Express (SAE) service, including the addition of calls to the Port of Savannah and the Port of Wilmington, in a bid to improve transit times, broaden coverage and ensure stability within the Latin America-North America trade lanes.

“We are pleased that, even in the face of challenging times, we can provide innovative and dynamic solutions for our customers,” Bill Woodhour, sales manager for North America, said in a company press release. “The call at the Port of Wilmington also represents an expansion of the scope of our services to a young and growing port of call.”

“As this is a new port offering, we have worked closely with our existing customers to ensure their needs continue to be met, and we are excited that this revised product introduces Maersk Line’s quality, reliable service to a new and eager customer base,” explained Mr Woodhour.

The revised SAE service also leverages a southbound call at Miami mid-week for improved service and convenience to the general commodities export market. The weekly service reflects omission of the northbound call to Miami, and removal of service to the Port of Charleston from the schedule.

The Miami adjustment will become effective with the sailing of the Maersk Tarragona, voyage 0908, departing Santo Tomas on 8 February 2009. The final sailing from Charleston will be the southbound departure of the Maersk Tarragona, voyage 0911, on 3 March 2009.

The revised SAE service will make its first northbound call to Savannah on 5 March 2009 by the Maersk Tangier, voyage 0910, followed by its initial call to Wilmington on 6 March 2009.

The new SAE rotation is as follows: Savannah (US), Wilmington (US), Norfolk (US), Miami (US), Puerto Cortes (Honduras) and Santo Tomas (Guatemala).