Ecubex Maersk Line

Maersk Line and Electrolux have signed a strategic sustainability agreement designed to help reduce the environmental impact of international shipping.

The five-year agreement sets an ambitious target of reducing the CO2 emissions of every container by 20 per cent until 2020.

Maersk Line's role in the partnership will go beyond improving Electrolux's sustainability performance. In its 2015 Sustainability Report, Electrolux emphasised that the agreement with Maersk Line aimed to explore a range of areas for collaboration.

'We jointly commit to greater transparency, securing more reliable data on the environmental footprint of our shipping activities, and introducing other sustainability metrics in transport services,' the group noted. 'But the agreement is not limited to the environmental sphere; we will also explore best practice for addressing social risks in our logistics.”

Michael Hansen, global sales director at Maersk Line, said that the sustainability partnership presented opportunities to generate responsible business growth for both companies.

“Maersk Line and Electrolux share aspirations for sustainable and profitable growth,' he explained. 'Through this formalised partnership agreement, we seek to find solutions to the common sustainability challenges. At the same time, it is an opportunity to build mutual loyalty and ultimately unlock the commercial benefits of doing responsible business.”