Ecuador banans

Ecuador exported 230.32m boxes of bananas to July, an increase of 8.09 per cent than the same period of 2019. But the higher volume failed to compensate for the fall in global prices, according to exporter association Acorbanec.

Acorbanec said the increase in shipments was due to greater exportable supply and stronger demand in different market, principally the European Union, due to higher purchases from consumers confined to their homes during the pandemic.

The EU purchased 28 per cent of Ecuador’s shipment volume, 11.9 per cent more than in the year-earlier period.

Shipments to other markets also grew during the first half of the year, notably Russia (+2.39 per cent), the Middle East (+19.89 per cent), the Southern Cone (+5.97 per cent), Eastern Europe (+27.50 per cent), EFTA (+20.22 per cent) and Africa (+22.53 per cent).

However, exports to the US dipped 1.84 per cent, while exports to East Asia and Oceania were down by 8.81 per cent and 6.13 per cent respectively.

Acorbanec’s president, Richard Salazar, said the collapse of the oil price has had a significant impact on markets like the Middle East, China, Eastern Europe and parts of Russia and Africa, leading to sharp falls in banana prices.

According to Acorbanec, the leading exporters in the first half of the year were Ubesa (Dole), Reybanpac and Frutadeli.