Vanguard campaign

US-based Vanguard International Group has developed new marketing campaigns for Vanguard International and Vanguard Direct.

The campaigns aim to build upon the brand Vanguard International has developed in the international produce industry and the brand Vanguard Direct has built in the North American grape market.

The new brand for Vanguard International centres on the Vanguard ‘V’, which represents a set of promises about Vanguard’s commitments to its customers on the quality, availability, and reliability of its produce for 52 weeks of the year.

Vanguard Direct’s focus in 2019 is distributing Vanguard Peru’s multiple grape varieties. The new brand direction for Vanguard Direct focuses on delivering freshness from fields in Peru to shelves in North America in addition to how ownership of a globally known grower of produce differentiates the product in the market.

Consumers and distributors will start to see the refreshed campaign roll out at the start of a busy autumn produce season. It will continue into 2020, which is set to bring more growth and expansion for Vanguard International, according to chief executive, Craig Stauffer.

“The campaign will aid us in continuing to promote our produce, specifically our grapes and apples, and service our key Asian markets,” Stauffer said.

“It will be ensuring our audience in these markets knows that Vanguard International connects the worlds’ best in produce.”