Nunhems watermelon Manitou F1

Fresh produce seed developer Nunhems is to launch a new watermelon this summer called Manitou F1.

The oval variety, described by the company as 'particularly crisp', weighs an average of 8-10kg and has a bright green striped skin and vivid red flesh.

According to Nunhems, Manitou F1 offers a number of advantages for various players in the supply chain, including being suited to both open-field and covered planting, with a production cycle which makes the fruit available from the start of July until the end of September.

For retailers, meanwhile, the watermelon has added benefits, according to Nunhems' Italy-based watermelon and melon specialist Sandro Seri.

'For the supermarkets, Manitou F1 offers the ideal size, 8-10kg, making it easy to handle,' said Seri. 'What's more, the bright green colour of the skin attracts the consumer's attention immediately and stimulates the senses with its freshness and fragrance.'

He added: 'Manitou F1 has been developed above all with the Italian market in mind and will make its debut on the shelves of Italian retailers during the first few days of July. It will continue to be available until early September.'