Egypt Virtual Food Show

The Egyptian food industry is working to help producers in the country to increase their export sales through improvements at all stages of the supply chain. That effort includes one-on-one support for market linkages, as well as trade events like this month’s Virtual Egyptian Food Show.

Taking place online on Monday 16 August, the first Virtual Egyptian Food Show will allow visitors to meet one-on-one with key exporters of Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as processed foods and drinks.

The event is set to feature as exhibitors 30 leading Egyptian food producers, processors, packers and exporters, in addition to trade support service providers, including banks, freight forwarders, shipping lines and inspection services.

“At this event importers will be able to target companies that they believe will be able to meet their needs for product, quality, standards and price,” the organisers announced. “This targeted effort will allow the importer to efficiently meet with Egyptian companies to establish a trade relationship for supply of products ranging from ingredients like tomato paste and dried herbs and spices to fresh products produced in the rich Nile valleys of Egypt.'

The organisers pointed to Egyptian exporters' many advantages over their competitors, including fertile soils, water availability, competitive labour, experience and investment in relevant technologies.

'Despite being a foundation for global agricultural history and development, opportunities for exports from Egypt remain untapped in many areas,' the organisers stated. 'With state-of-the-art agriculture blending with tradition going back millennia, Egyptian producers and exporters can offer global importers quality and standards that meet or exceed requirements and expectations.'

Such an event is regarded as important given the challenges faced by Egyptian companies during the Covid-19 crisis, not least the cancellation of in-person trade fairs.

“Join us on 16 August from 1pm to 4pm Cairo time,” the organisers announced. “Spending some time with the exporters from Egypt will improve your ability to supply quality product and become an established customer with a leading growing agriculture exporter.”