cherry tomatoes

Spanish cherry tomato producers have lost on average €30,000 per hectare so far this season as a result of the “poor average prices” that have been received since the campaign began in September 2011.

This was the assessment of agricultural association Asaja Almería, who said that the bad results recorded by the majority of greenhouse vegetable growers during the first three months of the 2011/12 season are continuing the affect many in the sector.

As a consequence, the organisation said that average prices for greenhouse products had fallen by €0.12, while in the case of cherry tomatoes producers were receiving on average €0.75 less per kilo compared with the previous season.

Growers of long life tomatoes had also been badly affected, according to Asaja Almería, with producers said to have received an average of €6,000 less per hectare than the 2010/11 campaign.

The association said that although no significant reduction in prices had been recorded in cucumber during the first seven months of the season, prices for two of Almería’s other key products – peppers and aubergines – had dropped by €0.14 and €0.13 respectively.