US_PTI seminar Florida 19 September 2013

Fresh produce industry leaders met to discuss the latest developments with the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and food safety at a seminar in Miami, Florida, on 19 September.

The seminar discussed how companies should view and implement new standards and requisites in the US market in traceability and food safety.

“This workshop was designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to move them to the next steps in implementing the PTI,” explained Priscilla Lleras, coordinator for PAIA and event organiser.

“The response we received to this seminar emphasises the importance of providing these interchanges with issue experts. The event was organised after the success of our previous PTI and Food Safety workshop in Peru last January.”

During the one-day event expert speakers Ed Treacy from the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and Dan Vaché from United Fresh Produce Association spoke to over 130 produce professionals from growers to importers to retailers.

Treacy, vice-president of supply chain efficiencies at PMA, spoke about the components of PTI and explained the pending implementation dates.

His presentation helped attendees identify how they can address the PTI requirements to continue operating as reliable suppliers.

Vaché, vice-president of supply chain management for United Fresh, covered the benefits of PTI from the grower to the consumer and helped attendees better understand produce traceability as an investment to the produce industry.

In addition to the unique perspectives of the keynote speakers, attendees were able to discuss the issues and network with a variety of logistics, traceability and food safety companies during the event.

“Having the opportunity to share information and exchange ideas with colleagues in the industry just adds to the value of the information presented by our knowledgeable keynote speakers,” noted Lleras.

The seminar was sponsored by AFS Technologies, BSI, FoodLink, HarvestMark, and Harvester Gear.

Exhibitos included Customized Brokers, Hellman Perishable Logistics, Link Fresh, Locus Traxx and Port Miami.