Marzio Cazzamali, global industry segment manager for fruit and vegetables at Ammeraal Beltech, speaks to Fruitnet about the conveying solution specialist’s range of food safety products

Can you give an overview of Ammeraal Beltech’s operations?

Ammeraal Beltech leafy greens belt technology

Marzio Cazzamali: Ammeraal Beltech, a global leader in food-safe conveying solutions, is pioneering innovations in the fresh produce industry, setting the highest standards for food hygiene.

Our conveyor belts meet stringent international regulations, ensuring compliance with ISO 22000 standards, including EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011, as well as FDA guidelines.

Our innovative Safe&Clean solutions prioritise ease of cleaning, reduce water and detergent usage, and minimise the risk of cross-contamination, significantly lowering cleaning costs.

What new products are you currently championing?

MC: We proudly present the XMD range, the advanced conveyor belts integrated with X-ray and metal detection technology. Engineered with food-grade detectable compounds, these belts ensure swift detection of contaminants, enhancing safety.

From Ultrascreen XMD mesh belts for washing and dewatering to Soliflex XMD homogeneous belts for reliable sensitivity control, our range guarantees optimal performance.

To empower operators, we provide test cards enabling the determination of minimum detectable sizes under actual working conditions.

What are your other key products, and how is the market for them currently?

MC: The XMD range complements our diverse product portfolio, including blue belts, Ultrascreen PRO positive drive mesh belts for high-performance, Dectyl metal-detectable belts for plastic contamination identification, and Hygienic Amseal sealed edge belts, all crafted from food-grade materials with antimicrobial properties, maintaining elevated food safety standards. 

There are many challenges in the business right now, such as high raw material and energy costs, logistics, climate change and more. How are you adapting to these?

MC: In the fruit and vegetable processing sector, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Our latest innovation, AMMdrive, is a positive-drive belt range with smooth covers engineered to optimise performance while reducing costs.

To achieve this goal, Ammeraal Beltech employs Soliflex Pro lug technology, guaranteeing optimal tracking performance and energy efficiency. In fruit and vegetable processing, this solution can be utilised in reception and through stages.

How do you see the rest of 2024 developing? What further challenges or opportunities do you anticipate?

MC: Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Ammeraal Beltech remains committed to both food safety standards and environmental sustainability.

Our primary production facilities are actively striving for ISO 14001:2015 certification by 2025, ensuring rigorous environmental monitoring and compliance.

We prioritise sustainability through investments in green energy sources, optimisation of energy consumption, and continuous improvement of daily operations.

Our dedication to developing innovative, sustainable, and food-safe products underscores our commitment to providing value to customers and stakeholders alike.