Salix Fruits app

Salix Fruits has launched a pioneering app on its tenth anniversary as part of its ongoing digital transformation strategy.

The app, developed in conjunction with Salix’s software partner Lyncros, allows customers to track orders from their phone, providing documentation, images of the fruit, its origin, price and other functionalities.

The app is designed with different user groups in mind. Producers can upload the characteristics, photos, and prices of their products in just a few clicks, and automatically have access to a database of more than 12,000 customers.

It also allows buyers to view the main timeline with current and past marketplace offers. Moreover, it provides details on the origin of the fruit.

“The platform also lets buyers place an order for something that is not in the app, but that we will still provide,' said Juan Gonzalez Pita, founder of Salix Fruits.

“Just by moving your finger you can see what is available to buy, what quality, what grade, what size, you can see the photo and where that fruit comes from. And with just a few clicks you can make an offer for that product”.

Juan Florio, product manager at Lyncros, led the team that worked on the development of the app.

'By standing in the middle between producer and customer we could better understand better their needs and develop solutions that satisfy both parties,' he said.

'The platform allowed us to reduce the time of certain internal operational and administrative processes that benefits both buyers and producers.”

In each user’s profile, the history of all orders is recorded with their documentation, invoices, and details. This makes it easy to repeat orders and have all the information available at all times.

'One of the most important points of the app is that it allows the tracking of the order: you can see exactly where the container is, where it passed, what route it is missing and the time pending to reach its destination,' Gonzalez explained.

“It gives producers access to customers that they would otherwise not be able to reach, while buyers have the opportunity to observe the entire product offering at once and perhaps detect a new business opportunity.”